Changing the way you receive healthcare.

Healthcare is complicated these days.  You need someone that has the inside knowledge to get you healthcare that you deserve.  Working for Johns Hopkins has allowed me exposure to treatments that most providers are not aware of.

The Way I Work.

I use my extensive knowledge as a Certified Clinical Documentation Specialists and a Registered Nurse allows me to see what others cannot.  My professional experience puts me in the Top 1% of my profession.  I review your case from a CCDIS perspective as well as a RN.


I want you to get back to health and get back to living the life you deserve.  Our health affects everything in our lives, including our friends and family.  Hiring a patient advocate can help you get the help you need, not only for you but for your friends and family.

Get the Very Best Support

With me, it’s always personal.

The reason I started Compassionate Heart is personal. After 19 years of bedside nursing, working in various health care settings from long term care to acute care to include the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital as a Certified Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist. I wanted to use my professional knowledge and skills in the areas of direct patient care, case management, and Clinical Documentation Improvement to assist clients and their families with navigating through the now complex healthcare system.

From a young age, caring for others has always been my passion. In April of 2005 my reality was forever changed. My Mom had suffered a stroke, leaving her paralyzed to left upper limb and with minimal function of her left leg, resulting with her depending on a quad cane to ambulate and the help of family members to assist her in her ADLs (activities of daily living). Due to my passion and love of caring for others in need, I jumped right in to navigate for my mom, leaving her with a peace of mind that allowed her to focus on healing and achieving optimal health. I was dedicated to advocating on my Mom’s behalf for more than 12 years until her passing in 2017.

After thirteen years of advocating for my aging parents health care needs and social needs, my eyes became opened to the needs of individuals (especially our aging population) who could benefit from the knowledge and high level expertise of an experienced empathetic and compassionate healthcare professional to help ensure they too have someone to advocate on their behalf.

"I gain personal satisfaction knowing that I am helping. There is no greater joy than giving peace of mind to a family."

- -Gwen

"I feel blessed for everyday I am here on earth helping people."

- -Gwen

"I guarantee, if I can't help you, I will find someone who can."

- -Gwen


We are a full service patient advocacy service. We are highlighting only our most requested services. If you do not see the service you want here, please feel free to give us a call or email us with your request and we will respond within 24 hours.

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Together We Can Make a Better Future

Working with healthcare providers, individuals and families is what I do. I'm an expert at understanding and finding gaps in care and being proactive to correct these gaps.

With Me It’s Always Personal.

I see my clients as people with families and lives they need to get back to.  I see them as a family that needs my help, and it’s very personal to me.

Embrace Your Health.

Correcting health issues is life changing.  I want to facilitate that change for you.  I want you to be able to embrace good health and keep it.

I Help You Reach Peace.

Being able to let go and know “it’s taken care of”, is the service I provide.  I provide peace of mind for my clients and their families, and it feels really good to be able to do that.